Artificial grass

Artificial grass is becoming hotter in gyms. Thanks to its trait of safety and be free for seeding, sodding, watering, aerating and mowing, many Crossfit and gym owners like paving them on the corners of gyms. Besides gyms, people can pave them in the fields of the courtyard, roofs, exhibition areas, clubs, balconies, and other places.

Artifical grass materials:PE, PP, PA
Pile height:6mm--45mm(custom made)
desity:52500/m2, 21000/m2 and others
Color: Green,  rainbow, three colors (custom made)
Backing: PP+Net/PU-Double PP/PP complex+Net
Gauge:3/16 inch, 3/8 inch

Now we have a full range of artificial grass on hands, please feel free to contact us if you have such demand at this stage.

This synthetic turf floor is becoming common in fitness areas, but the standard rubber mat/rubber floor is still the mainstream in sport areas. For more information about our rubber gym mats and foam EVA mats, please click the black button here.