Crumb bumper plate

crumb bumper plate
Crumb bumper plate

Crumb bumper plate made from recycled rubber tires, very bouncing and durable. With the characteristic of high bounce and durable drops, it became more popular in CrossFit.

Till now, we have resolved the tough problems of “unbalanced situation”, “collar popping-out”, “odder smell” and others. Now we sell our products to Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, UK, and other countries.

Of course, we get ourself involved in some rubber projects related to crumb materials.

Colors: black, black with color flecks

Weights type: KG and LB

Logo process: vulcanization letters and embossment


Package of rubber bumper plates

When it comes to package, we have a very safety and professional packing system to make sure each of delivery is perfect. So our customers will get what they want in their warehouse.