Standard bumper plate

Standard bumper plates with 50mm diameter stainless steel inserts. All dimensions comply with IWF standard. The first option on the market of economical rubber bumper plates.

Ordinarily, we can use these bumper plates in Gyms, Garage, CrossFit and other places. Even though there is no much strict on weight tolerance and durability refer to this type, we still put much attention to the production and make it closer to perfection.

From the feedback of our customers, the bumper plates have a better performance on drop times. Aging oven test, anti-throw test, and other tests, all these systemic quality control procedures assure of qualified rubber bumper plates.

normal bumper plate
Standard rubber bumper plates

Color: black, grey, green, yellow, blue and red

Weights type: KG and LB

Logo process: mold screen printing, embossment and heat transfer stickers