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Customized service

About us Company culture

Respect, Responsibility, Principle, Courage, Honor and Share. 

It is the soul of our company. It is a guiding light to our continuous development. All in one word, it is a core in soft power of our company.

One-stop delivery

We also built a new warehouse for stocking which covers 1800 square meters. Now we are looking for partnerships with like-minded business in fitness. If you have interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What we do?

We mainly manufacture rubber bumper plates and rubber mats from our own factories.  With more than ten years of experience, we always accept Customer-made orders related to rubber materials.

Why us?

Todo Rubber is a developing manufacturer in fitness. From materials purchase to manufacturing, we try to make sure that each step is right and professional. Our company always know that the quality in a product or service is not what we put into it but what customers get out of it.


Our company culture and wide resources provide our customers access to any possible demand. Investments in materials techonoloy are still our priority. We built our lab since 2012, indeed, we established a long cooperationship with Qingdao University of Science and Technology which is a very professional colleage in study of rubber and plastic in China.

Vision & Mission achieve profitable growth

As a solutions provider, we only offer good quality products and services to our customers, especially in the field of rubber weight plate and gym mats.

Obviously, we are a leading supplier of fitness equipment and accessories in China.

“Quality in a product or service is not what we put into it, but what customer gets out of it”

We build our reputation by our qualified products. Meantime we get our company developed from helping our customers build their brands. That is the expression of our company culture. 

Customized service in our factory set us aside from the today’s competition

Actually, we are not just another company, we trust that serving our customers exceed the expectations can set us aside from the competition.

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