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here Company news published on this page are what we want to share with you.  Some of articles are refer to our rubber products, we hope these information can be a good help for you to know us better. Some of them are just company activities, they are glimpses on us out exept working time.

Rubber tiles with bad smell? Many customers might have experienced in having purchased cheap rubber tiles with bad smell. How this happened? As a professional manufacturer of rubber tiles, we know there are mainly two reasons which can produce it. One is the bad materials and the other one is for no procedure of Air...
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Although our heavy-duty rubber tile is made of eco-friendly and recycled rubber shoe soles, it is still abrasion resistant and fire retardant. By far we have two types of 1000m x 1000m and 500mm x 500mm on hands. The thickness ranges from 15mm to 50mm. When it comes to colored flecks on the surface, todofitnessgroup...
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What big events happened in 2017? enhanced the bumper plates production capacity by investing another 5sets of vulcanization machines. We build a 1200m2 warehouse for One-Stop Service in Qingdao. We also established a preliminary cooperation with domestic big brands in field of rubber bumper plates and rubber tiles. International Collaboration is booming and many...
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Qingdao Marathon 2017 started at 8:00 am on 5th November in Qingdao City. There are about more than 20,000 people joining this party. Besides the people of Qingdao and other provinces of China, many participants are even far from USA, Germany, Russia, British, Kenya and other countries and districts. Qingdao City was considered as the...
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Rubber Tile Rubber tiles indeed play a big part in sports ground surface as safety protection. Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., Ltd makes high-quality rubber tiles from our factory in Qingdao. We succeeded in selling our products to many countries and districts till now. We’ve gained much reputation and trust from our customers. The size rank...
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People’s life in Green As an ordinary people of China, we are happy to see that our government takes such efficient policy on environmental protection. The blue sky, the fresh air and the clean water, all of these good things gradually came back to us in short several months. Young couples just pleasingly drive baby...
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In September 2017,  we spent 3-days on visiting Taierzhuang War Memorial, Weishan Lake, and Confucius Mansion. Traveling around China is a big part of our company culture at this stage. We can get closer to our national culture and of course, we can find some things new in our journey. So what kind of thoughts...
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go here Industry product information always not easy to understood for the end user. Engineers and manufacturer always like to make it "professional" to show how good they are. We wanna to make it easy to understood and fun to learn. So we start the news publish, not only new products promotion, but most important, the knowledge share.