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We carry forward the spirit of our culture in modern society

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In September 2017,  we spent 3-days on visiting Taierzhuang War Memorial, Weishan Lake, and Confucius Mansion.

Traveling around China is a big part of our company culture at this stage.

We can get closer to our national culture and of course, we can find some things new in our journey.

So what kind of thoughts we got from this travel, please roll down this page and get an outline of it.

Tai Er Zhuang is a canal city located in Shangdong province. The buildings inside the ancient city are all traditional Chinese style. 

There are many local snacks shops standing on both sides of every road,  like vegetable pancakes, mutton soup, Peppery Chicken, Chinese date(or called Jujube) and other specialty food from other places in China.

Food culture represents our lifestyle in some aspects, so if you want to understand China and Chinese culture, you should pay a visit to China.

We commemorate the heros in the war

Taierzhuang War Memorial

The big war against Japanese occurred in Taierzhuang in March 1938.  100,000 Chinese soldiers joined in this battle, while the Japanese put 30,000 force in this war. Finally, we won this battle with the sacrifice of 50,000 people died and wounded, meantime the casualty of Japan in this batter were 20,000.

We Chinese army showed a great spirit of sacrifice and encouragement, even without advanced weapons and sufficient military training. From this manuscript from General Zhang Zi Zhong, we can see that every soldier of China has a great faith and courage when our country is facing invasion.

Touching the pulse of the principles from our ancient sages

The Journey to the Confucian Mansion

There are many cypress trees and pine trees in Confucius temple and Kong Family Mansion.

Apricate Platform was a place for Confucius taught his disciples. Confucius said,“Make no social distinctions in teaching,”“ Teach students in accordance with their aptitude”. We still benefit from these meaningful doctrines.

The guide said there are over 300,000 tourists from home and abroad monthly, so traditional Chinese culture is really an attractive spot to many people living in such modern world.

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