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Blackjack Overview - Casino Players Guide to Blackjack see Allow Yourself

by Catherine Pulsifer,

Allow yourself to dream,

And when you do dream big

Allow yourself to learn

And when you do learn all you can

Allow yourself to laugh

And when you do share your laughter

Allow yourself to set goals

And when you do reward yourself as you move forward

Allow yourself to be determined

And when you do you will find you will succeed

Allow yourself to believe in yourself

And when you do you will find self confidence

Allow yourself to lend a helping hand

And when you do a hand will help you.

Allow yourself relaxation

And when you do you will find new ideas.

Allow yourself love

And when you do you will find love in return

Allow yourself to be happy

And when you do you will influence others around you.

Allow yourself to be positive

And when you do life will get easier.

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