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Different views on “weight losing” between China and West

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There are many myths and legends about people who suffered a long trek to look for a way or a recipe to live long without limits.

Like Emperor Qin Shihuang, the first Emperor in Chinese history. He summoned an expedition to seek the drugs that can make him be immortal. Obviously, he failed and the appointed people found a place and settled down there, and the place now is called Japan.

“Humans long to be immortal”? I do not know, but I think there are still some slight differences in the attitudes towards to weight losing out of cultures.

Maybe my viewpoint is not very exact, but I like to list them here.

Firstly, we Chinese focus on diet rather than daily sport, but western people prefer physical workouts. Do Chinese like kitchen art more than direct sweat? No, I do not think so. Western people believe intuitive things, but we Chinese like considering something so called, “in the long run”. It produces more things, like Yi Jing(artistic conception), Qi and etc.

Secondly, Chinese see fat as a symbol of being rich and good luck. “Fu Tai” means that a man or a woman who is fat in the proper situation. So in Chinese culture, fat is more like a symbol, but in western culture, it always stands for a lifestyle.

Finally, Chinese food is really colorful and diverse. Eight Cuisines engraved on the local people with a distinct regional feature. Compared with Chinese foods, the western type is relatively single and bland. It seems western people just take the foods as food, but Chinese put more things on the foods, more implied meaning.

So I want to say that the fitness business in China needs to take much more time to develop than that in the western world, but I am sure that the largest fitness market will be fixed in China.


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