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Gym mat

Gym mat

is it safe to buy prescription drugs online from canada Our rubber floors & rubber tiles are made of 100% recycled rubber materials, they are very suitable for playgrounds. Most of important, our refine machine make sure that the raw materials are clean and safe, so they are always a perfect option for kids playgrounds, pool decks, gym rooms and other sports centers.

Besides standard gym mats and gym floorings, we also accept customized orders. Patterns like Checker mat, Willow mat, Diamond mat, Round Button mat and other designs with a specific request.

As we have no stock of rubber mats at this present stage, so any specific demand would be much appreciated. 


Gym mat in roll

Rubber floor, or called gym mat in roll, it is one of the most important items in our exporting. Compared with rubber tiles and rubber stable mats, they are suitable for gyms with big space.

The thickness:2mm to 12mm.
Width:1m and 1.25m.

gym mat in piece

Rubber tile, also called rubber paver. Compared with bricks or natural stones, rubber tiles have many good characteristics.It improves safety and it can also reduce the noise.They are made of recycled rubber tire materials, so they could not be dumped into landfills.

Rubber is an extremely durable material that will not chip or crack. This means that you get to enjoy your rubber paver surfaces for decades to come without worrying about them getting damaged. Rubber tiles are cheaper than other paving options, so they are ideal for those on a budget. Customized shapes, colors, and dimensions.

Stable mat

Stable mat or horse mat could be used on gym areas and now they are getting hot in CrossFit.We make and offer several types of the stable mat with 1.83m x 1.22m x Thickness.Different patterns on surface help players from the slippery during exercises.

Stable mat in CrossFit

Stable mats are made of Eco-friendly recycled rubber materials, they are very durable and very economic.Compared with rubber tiles and gym floorings, they need no any adhesive or glue, because of their thickness and heavyweight, so they are very easy to pave and to stay solid.

Why our mat is perfect for CrossFit ground?

1.Safety. We have a reliable and long-lasting relation Supplying Chain System.Every player does not want to get their feet hurt from the left sharp metal on the gym mats.
2.Economic.Gym mat is one of our knockouts in exporting. The big turnout helps us easily balance the cost and make us more competitive than other suppliers in this line.
3.Wide customers group.You may consult with your neighbor and they may be buying these items from us now.

For MOQ, Customized service and other request

If you have any unique and specific request on our gym mats, please do not hesitate to contact us.