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Rubber tiles with bad smell?

Many customers might have experienced in having purchased cheap rubber tiles with bad smell. How this happened?

As a professional manufacturer of rubber tiles, we know there are mainly two reasons which can produce it. One is the bad materials and the other one is for no procedure of Air Cure.

We always put the finished rubber tiles on the shelves to air out. This procedure can help the rubber tiles fade out the smell and avoid to get stick to each other because of the high temperature. Even though the smell of the rubber tiles can be reduced a lot through 1-2 weeks in our warehouse, we take this prodecure very seriously just because it can “cool” down the heat of the rubber tiles so as to better the Air Cure process.

Besides, the materials is absolutely the critical factor. Air Cure can do nothing with the bad smell from terrible materials. Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., Ltd purchase the materials from very professional supplying companies in China and we always do the test for each materials deliveries from outside.

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